Celia Gottlieb (she/her/hers)

Next Step Hudson Valley Education Policy Director

Celia is a community organizer passionate about educational justice. Born and raised in Highland, New York, Celia attended Highland Central School District K-12. She experienced the shortcomings of our public educations system first-hand, but she also saw the power a quality public education can have. She believes that education revitalization is integral to the success of all children, families, and communities in the Hudson Valley. As an undergraduate student at Middlebury College in Vermont, she studies Political Science, Sociology, and Gender/Feminist Studies. Her studies focus on how an intersectional approach to local and state policy can empower and transform underserved communities. Celia is passionate about Education, Labor, and Climate policy. She volunteers at Addison County (VT) Restorative Justice and acts as the Director of Highland Students Organized Against Racism (HSOAR). In her free time, you can find her exploring our state and national forests, munching carrots and clicking away on her film camera.


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Recent Publications

Hudson Valley One
Parents, students and slunae/alumni swelled attendance at the Highland school-board meeting July 7 to share personal experiences of what it has been like to be a person of color in a white-majority school district.
The Middlebury Campus
Falling snow and the impending threat of finals did not deter over 200 students from gathering in Mead Chapel on Thursday to rally in support of higher wages for Middlebury facilities and dining staff.
Addison County Independent
"We applaud our students for living out Middlebury's mission - leading engaged, consequential, and creative lives contributing to their communities."