Ali T. Muhammad (he/him/his)

Next Step Hudson Valley Founder | Creative Director

Ali is a social architect whose purpose is to support other's performance and growth. As a conceptual artist and generational public servant, he is passionate about creating an ecosystem of positive engagements. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Ali attended the Sister Clara Muhammad School of Learning at Masjid Al-Iklas, in the City of Newburgh for early childhood education. His parents, Sister Fonda K. Muhammad (retired NYS English Teacher) and Imam Dr. Salahuddin M. Muhammad (retired NYS Chaplain) ingrained the quote, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth!” by demonstrating this daily. Throughout Ali’s tenure as a generational public servant (2003 - present), he’s learned that when we focus on improving our education systems, we grant greater access to the necessary resources and skills for preparing our next generations for the careers of their choice. Ali believes that systematic economic disparities are less likely to occur when we’re all equipped with the best tools available. "NEVER ALLOW ANYONE OR ANYTHING TO IMPEDE YOUR PROGRESSION IN LIFE!"

His modus operandi has been that "Even a smile is charity." With this smile, he holds steadfast to a spirit of giving that asks for nothing in return. With humility, Ali does not claim to have all the answers but instead values the notion that people must work together to solve issues facing our society today. He believes that it is everyone's responsibility to collaborate, to originate solutions for our youth to lead prosperous and conscientious lives. On January 1st, 2014, he was elected to his first public office position as a City of Beacon Councilmember.

Ali T Muhammad is a U.S. Citizen living in Newburgh, NY. He works within the Hudson Valley advocating for community development through the arts, civic engagement, and volunteering. His innovative social justice campaigns like Unity in the Community and The Terrence Wright Organization evolved through time by creating opportunities to build relationships with his neighbors. He understands the importance of empowering community members to get involved, and most importantly, humans need support. The organized gatherings, workshops, and positive outlets he curated, powered by a grassroots discipline, have given participating individuals the opportunity to access resources to improve their quality of life. The Human Union (mutual aid), Dear Summer Festival (education through entertainment), and Melanin Unchained (social service NPO) are the most recent byproducts of Ali’s experience. In his free time, he contemplates positive youth, community, workforce, and economic development, along with envisioning what equitable education, healthcare, housing, and human rights reform look like.


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