Take Action Today to Decolonize Education

Statewide, NYS

Send a letter to your representative tell them to pass A03648/S02937 which "establishes a culturally responsive education curriculum and standards; requires all school districts, charter schools and private schools to integrate culturally responsive education throughout the education of all students at all grade levels; establishes a pilot program in culturally responsive education; appropriates $25,000,000 therefor." Sign the petition in support of this bill and contact your representative today!

Stop Danskammer

Newburgh, NY

Sign the petition today if to reject Danskammer Energy LLC’s dangerous proposal to build a new baseload 550MW fracked gas-fired power plant that would operate around the clock as opposed to a few days a year. New York State is currently deciding whether or not to approve plans for the new plant. Now is your chance to speak out. Submit an official comment to the Siting Board opposing the proposal here. A new fracked-gas plant would dramatically harm the environment and public health and fail to comply with New York’s nation-leading Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act.


Kingston Climate Action Plan 2030 Survey

Statewide, NYS

Our world is experiencing rapid change that is impacting the City of Kingston in many ways. What we can control is how we protect our local environment for future generations. Kingston has come far already, becoming the first city to earn a Silver certification for NY's Climate Smart Communities program in 2020. We're taking concrete steps to establish community-based goals toward a sustainable future. Based on your input, we'll create a plan that fulfills all of our community's needs and create a better future.We are seeking feedback from community members to create the next phase of Kingston's Climate Action Plan - a plan that will lead to a sustainable future by 2030.

Diversify Our Narrative

Statewide, NYS

Sign the Diversity Out Narrative petition to demand that our schools #DIVERSIFYOURNARRATIVE with anti-racist texts in the classroom! Schools are such an instrumental tool in this long journey towards dismantling racism in this country. To be silent on these issues is to dismiss the potential of this powerful institution to actively combat racism. It is time that we enact permanent, structural change in our school system to contribute to this cause. Let us diversify our narrative and utilize our school system to combat oppression in this country and work towards a more equal, just world for all."

Petition for Enlarged City School District of Middletown

Middletown, NY

Sign the petition to establish a culture of anti-racism and social justice and advocate for expanding educator professional development, increasing staff diversity, curriculum re-design, and reform, analysis of school suspension rates, civic engagement, and increased leadership opportunities for Scholars in the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, NY. 

Small Business Grants and Loans Survey 

Poughkeepsie, NY

Black-owned businesses have been the topic of marketing across all major banks and lending institutions since Black Lives Matter foundation/organization reemerged from their strategy sessions and continued the call-to-action igniting protestors of all backgrounds to take to the streets. If you are a small business and have applied to grants and loans in 2020 and/or in 2021 we'd love to hear from you. Millennial Matriarch Business will continue to build a stronger, better system of Black empowerment. Millennial Matriarch Business specializes in supporting a fast-growing network of Black contractors, developers and builders in the city of Poughkeepsie, New York.

Petition let Sheriff Falco Know Racism Will NOT Be Tolerated

Rockland County, NY

Sheriff Louis Falco III of Rockland County, NY, recently shared 6 posts on his public Facebook page that all depicted Black people committing terrible crimes. The stories came from as long ago as 2013 and as far away as Georgia.  The Sheriff’s behavior demonstrates the power to foster a culture of racism in our county. This is unacceptable in a law enforcement leader, and we demand Sheriff Falco’s resignation. Join our coalition of concerned Rockland residents by adding your signature to our petition.

RiseUpKingston - Emergency Rental Assistance

Kingston, NY

The Ulster County Coalition for Housing Justice is calling upon the county legislature, county executive and municipal executives to act immediately to protect and prevent tenants and homeowners from evictions and foreclosures due to economic hardships caused by COVID-19. We ask our elected officials to implement the following housing demands. Sign the petition here:

Beacon4BlackLives - List of Demands

Beacon, NY

The city of Beacon has been demanding justice for months. The system is broken. We're not asking for reform. We're demanding change. The police presence within our community has hurt the black and brown community and has created an environment of fear, not safety. None of us should fear being another victim. It's time to reimagine safety. Beacon4BlackLives will continue protesting and continue LISTENING and fighting for the community's needs until we get the justice we deserve. 

Human Union

Hudson Valley, NY

Human Union is a mutual aid network based in Newburgh, NY. We are dedicated to improving the lives of everyone who needs help in our community and beyond. We are not a charity. We are a network of humans who believe in the power of both asking for and providing help without discrimination or question. Humans need Support. Help your neighbor today!

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